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Neggy Nellie can really bring you down.  I've allowed this to happen to me throughout my life, where I'm friends with or I talk to a person with a negative attitude toward everything in life.  Everything they say is all gloom and doom. When I spend my time with someone like that I tend to take on a negative attitude too and I find myself in a depressed mood all the time. It's important to recognize when this is happening to you and take steps to fix it.  Because not only does your negative attitude affect you, it affects the people you love, like your kids and partner.  It also affects how you handle everyday situations and can make you less productive and make it impossible to achieve success.

Signs of a negative attitude

  • It feels like no matter what you do, you can't change your situation.
  • You find yourself thinking sarcastic thoughts about good news you hear.
  • Your jealous of people that look like they have it all together.
  • You get irritated with any little inconvenience, like waiting to long in a drive thru.
  • Feeling like going anyplace might cause you inconvenience.
  • You assume the people around you are going to have an attitude before you even begin talking to them.
  • Losing your cool on the phone to any customer service rep. that can't fix whatever problem you are calling about.
  • You don't look forward to fun things, always assuming something will go wrong.

Yes these are signs that you have a negative attitude.  If this is the case then you need to assess your environment and the people that may be contributing to your attitude.  

"A negative mind will
never give you a positive life."

Changing your attitude

  • Identify the Neggy Nelly in your life. In a lot of cases it could be a friend or co-worker that is negative all the time. Try to limit your time with this person, or have a heart to heart about being more positive.
  • Set an example of a positive attitude if it's someone much closer to home. Don't play into the gloom and doom conversations. 
  • Avoid conversations that bring you down and don't start conversations that will lead to negative outcomes.
  • Have a strategy before you talk with a typically negative person.
  • Don't assume bad things about people, remember that you don't know their situation.
  • Start each day with an affirmation, like "I will release any negative thoughts and see the world through a positive lens today.
  • Stop and smell the roses. Yes I know it's old cliche, but it's a good one and good advice. 
  • Count your blessings at least once a day.

Start looking at life with a more positive attitude.  Maybe that long wait in the drive thru isn't just because the people working there are lazy and don't care about you.  Just maybe two people didn't show up for work and the ones who did are doing the best they can.  Remember that even though life is not always easy, how you tackle problems and manage your thoughts greatly impacts you life. It's time to get rid of the negativity. ♥

"A bad attitude is like a flat tire. 
You can't go anywhere
until you change it."