Finding joy in going it alone

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Do you ever want to get out of the house to do something, but then nobody wants to go or they are unavailable? So you end up just staying home. Maybe it’s time to get more comfortable with yourself and go it alone. In fact, it can be good for your psyche to get away for a few hours and just do something by yourself.

I’m one who has always enjoyed going out on my own. For many years doing things by myself seemed pretty normal. But after I got married and started a family, I just stopped doing things alone and taking time to just be with me. I think complacent would be a good word to describe how I’ve become. It seems everyone is busy or cancels last minute when I try to make plans, so instead I just stay in and miss out on things that I could be enjoying.

Grocery shopping is about the only thing I go out and do on my own.  I think many women can relate. I mean did you ever want to start walking a couple of times a week, but can't find anyone to commit to it. Or have you wanted to see certain movie, that nobody else seems to be interested in. There are plenty of things you can do by yourself without a companion. Why wait for someone else to go along.  

Things to Enjoy Alone

  • Go to a movie. -Enjoy a popcorn all to yourself.
  • Try a new restaurant or an old favorite. No reason to miss out on a good meal because no one wants to go.
  • Try the latest latte at a coffee shop. Take a book or a tablet and take your time enjoying your coffee and being out of the house.
  • Go shop for a new candle. I just love smelling all the candles until I find the perfect one. 
  • Take a walk on a walking trail. - Instead of driving by it day after day, stop and take in nature on a local walking trail.
  • Get a pedicure. -Enjoy getting your feet buffed and massaged.
  • Take a cooking class. -Find a one or two hour class or presentation, maybe learn a thing or two, but mostly enjoy the food.
  • Go to a craft show. -Enjoy browsing all the cool stuff people make.

This list is virtually endless, if you see something you want to do or try, by all means just do it.  Make a date with yourself once a week or month to go out and do something alone. Don't keep missing out because everyone is too busy. ♥

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