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I see many articles out there about "learn to say no". I agree that sometimes we tend to say yes to too many things when we are already overwhelmed. However, I found that when I learned to say no, I stopped saying yes.  Finding that balance did not come easy.

Let's face it we are already busy with work, kids, household management etc....who wants to add one more thing to the list. But lately, I have noticed myself  entering into a robot like routine, doing only the things I'm responsible for, that' it.  I use to volunteer my time when my boys were in elementary school, giving spelling tests to the second grade classes.  I was the dugout mom that kept all the boys in line. Having lunch with friends, hosting dinners and holiday parties for the family were something I made time for.  But somewhere down the line I learned to say no to everything. I thought I didn't have time for anything.

Saying no to everything made life so much easier, but it also
made life less fun and less rewarding.

Start Saying Yes

Now I've made it my mission to say yes but not always.  You need to figure out what activities you enjoy and say yes to those things.  If you don't like to bake, say no to the bake sale. Do you find supporting things your kids do rewarding, then say yes to helping out with one of their activities. Just don't become the go to "yes mom" for everything.  Don't get stuck in the mindset of - if I say yes, then I have to say yes all the time and they will ask me ALL THE TIME. That's okay if you are asked all the time, say no when you feel it's too much or you’re not up to it.

Have a strategy to start saying yes.  Stop avoiding situations where you might be asked to help. Make a list of things that you normally avoid or say no to. This list should have what activities and how often you are willing to say yes to. Maybe once a month you will help out at a kids sporting event or once a year chaperone a trip or dance.  Plan a lunch out with a friend every now and then.  Make a dish for an event. Whatever it is you enjoy or find rewarding make time for it. Finding a balance can help you feel rewarded without feeling overwhelmed. ♥

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