Regaining focus

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Do you ever find yourself moving from one project to another but getting nothing done. I do a lot!  I'm not sure if scatterbrain syndrome is a thing but I think I have it.  Sometimes while you're doing one thing all you can think about is another and so you move to that thing. Then you only think about the project you didn't complete and then all the other things you have to do. So you try multi-tasking, which really only works for small things. At the end of the day, you've accomplished close to nothing. Sound familiar, you need to regain focus?

Some of the big culprits for distraction are the infinite number of things you can do online. Browsing for a second turns into an hour, then two and so on. Biting off more than you can chew and not being able to prioritize are also factors in losing focus.  If this describes you, here are some tips and ideas on how to regain and stay focused.

Steps to regain focus

  • MAKE A TO DO LIST -Writing stuff down helps you to stop dwelling on what needs to be done. Once it's written you don't have to worry about forgetting it. Write down everything you need or want to accomplish this week. Be realistic about your time and how much you can accomplish.
  • PRIORITIZE YOUR LIST -Now that you have your list, prioritize it and estimate how much time each task is going to take. Again, be realistic and those things with low priority can go on a future list. Or make a section for  "If I have time" I'll do this. 
  • CLEAR YOUR MIND -Before you begin your day, take a few minutes to clear your mind. You can do this with meditation if you're into that. You can sit quietly and take 10 deep breaths. By taking a deep breath let it out slowly until you have no air left, repeat 10 times. If you work outside of the home, do this in your car before you go in.
  • USE THE "DO NOT DISTURB" FUNCTION ON YOUR PHONE -As a mom, I know it's impossible to shut the phone off.  So use the "Do Not Disturb" function on your phone that only allows certain numbers to call you during specified times. Stop being interrupted by those pesky scam calls.
  • TURN OFF THE BACKGROUND NOISE - Turn off the t.v., radio, podcast, youtube, tictok etc.. and give yourself a quiet environment in which to work. Shut the door if you work in a loud office or use headphones with non-distracting calming zen music if you can't get away from loud people or noises.
  • SET A TIMER -Our phones today have a lot of great features, use your timer if you need to keep track. You can set it in intervals so you know how much time you have left to spend on the task at hand. I would set it to give me a 10, 15, or 30 minute warning. 
  • KEEP A NEAT WORK AREA -Having a work environment that is cluttered can only add to the scatterbrain syndrome.  Make a little time everyday to declutter, this is easy if you do it daily.
  • FINISH WHAT YOU START - When you start a project either finish it. Or if it's a long project, then set a goal, for what you want to accomplish before moving on.Leave yourself a sticky so you remember to stay on task.

Try following this step by step routine to regain focus, stay on track and accomplish your goals.♥