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Keeping a positive mind set when things get hard can be quite difficult. I know from experience.  Whether you are going through a financial downfall, difficult kids, divorce, loss of a job, loss of any kind. Trying to maintain a positive outlook on life can feel impossible. 

8 Ways to Stay Positive in Tough Times

Surround yourself with positive people who care.

 It’s important to spend time with people you love. Soak up other people’s positivity and let it motivate and remind you of what’s important.


Stay away from negative people or at least engage as little as possible with them.

 Negativity can make your outlook even worse than it is already. Try to maintain as much positivism as possible.


Create a strategy or plan to get back on track.

Depending on your circumferences, make a game plan. Brainstorm ideas on how to improve your situation. Write down the steps you need to take and put your plan into doable actions. This could be a plan to get out of debt, or a strategy to land a new job, a new technique to manage you kids or even a self-care plan if your hard time is something you can’t change such as a divorce. Lo

Keep a gratitude journal.

In other words, count your blessings and then some. Pay attention to the good things in your life, take a moment to appreciate and be grateful for these things.  One way to start is to think of who your grateful or what makes your life easier or happier. If there is someone very special take a moment to thank them and tell them why you are grateful for them. 


Move your body.

I know finding motivation to get moving when things are tough. Believe me I know! However push through and make yourself do it. Do some stretches, go for a stroll or do a full blown workout. Whatever you can do, do it. Here's my article on benefits of a quick stroll to learn more.


Create a self-care routine.

 During rough times it’s easy to neglect ourselves. Make eating healthy easy by stocking up on healthy snacks, keep junk food out of the house. Stay hydrated, start your day with at least one or two glasses of water. Keep your skin moisturized, it’s good for you but it feels great too. Get enough sleep, here’s a strategy to ensure a good nights sleep. 9 steps to a good nights sleep.


Be mindful.

Practicing mindfulness is a therapeutic technique in which you focus your awareness on the moment. Calmly acknowledging how you feel, what you’re thinking. Being fully engaged in the moment, free from distraction. This practice can help you react more appropriately to situations that arise and to be more flexible and thoughtful in how you approach life.


Seek professional help.

If you feel that you are sinking into a depression or having anxiety, counseling may be a good option for you. Don't count it out, many people see therapists to help them get through rough times.

Going through hard times can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, but remember that this is one moment in your lifetime. It’s important to recognize when you need to takes steps to feel better. I hope these ideas help you feel better and to get in track to better times.