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Along with the types of personalities there is an endless number of personality traits. Keep in mind that none of these traits are bad, they are all perfect in their own way and that's what makes you special.

  • Spontaneous - doing things on impulse, has a zest for life and maybe a little reckless (according to other personalities).
  • Strategist - a planner, you like to find and plan out the best possible way to an end result. 
  • Energetic - you seem to have an endless supply of energy, very rarely sitting down to "just relax". You're enthusiastic and get a lot of things done.
  • Laid-back - you like to relax. This doesn't mean lazy, this means your simply not overly concerned about every single detail and have an easy-going attitude.
  • Flexible - you can roll with the punches, Adapting to change is easy.
  • Rigid - you like structure, keeping things on track without to much variation.  Change is not easy.
  • Adventurous - you like to try new things.
  • Homebody - your not a big fan of the hustle and bustle and prefer the quiet serenity of staying in.
  • Practical - you research the heck out of everything before you do it or buy it.  Also, you are very good at finding the best deals.
  • Creative - you are good at expression, whether that is in some form of art and or figuring out solutions to difficult situations.
  • Impulsive - you do things based on your emotion at the moment. Often times people that are impulsive may be relying on their good intuition.
  • Realist- you are not easily influenced by ads, stories or what people tell you.  You see things as they truly are.
  • Dreamer - you see things often time with rose colored glasses.  You see the future potential in many things.
  • Charismatic - your very good at communicating in a positive way, and people tend to listen to you. You are a leader.
  • Innovative - you find new ways of doing things. Finding unique techniques to solve problems. Fixing things is something you enjoy.
  • Determined - you don't give up easily.  You know what you want and will find ways to accomplish your goals.
  • Comfortable - you like things just the way they are, your job, home, relationships etc... Coming out of your "comfort zone", is not something you enjoy. 
  • Intellectual - you love learning and engaging in in-depth discussions. You probably enjoy trivia and puzzles.
  • Advocate - your a fighter for others, notably you take a stand when you see something wrong. Passion and caring are qualities you possess.
  • Intuitive you have a greater sense of the world around you. You can feel what others may be thinking or feeling. 
  • Bold - you have a strong vibe about you. You say what you think without hesitation.
  • Mysterious - you're not super keen on opening up to people about yourself. You don't project an opinion or attitude. You keep people guessing.
  • Compassionate - you want to take care of everybody and make sure everyone is happy. Seeing someone hurt or suffering greatly affects you.
  • Agreeable you’re a kind person that is willing to lend a hand whenever needed. You get along with mostly everyone and you don't tend to judge people.
  • Open-minded- you listen without judgement.  You are willing to see things from other people’s perspectives and to try other people’s ideas.

Negative Personality Traits

All things considered none of us are all peaches and cream.  With this in mind, I've included this list of negative personality traits because we all could use a little improvement, to help with our overall lives. If you recognize any of these traits in yourself, then take that as an opportunity to improve yourself.  Practice more of your positive traits. Equally important is to catch yourself when these negative traits sneak up on you so you can change your direction.

  • Deceptive - don't lie or mislead anyone.
  • Obedient don't be anyone's door mat, stand up for yourself.
  • Stubborn - try to see things from others perspective, you may learn a thing or two.
  • Abrasive - be nice, don't say mean things.
  • Combatant - play nice, not everything has to be argument.
  • Insensitive - remember other people have feelings too.
  • Arrogant - it's not always about how great you think you are.
  • Disruptive - let people finish, their thoughts and ideas are just as important as yours.
  • Greedy - greed never leads to good outcomes.
  • Impatient - sometimes people need time, try to be sensitive.
  • Malicious - never say hurtful things behind peoples backs, it unnecessary.
  • Vindictive - always take the high road, let karma do it's thing.
  • Lazy - pull your own weight, help out more and don't take anyone for granted.

Be The Best Version of You

To summarize, there are many more personality traits out there but I hope this list helps you remember what makes you special.  It's important to embrace and practice all of your positive traits, additionally work on your negative traits. In essence, be the best version of yourself that you can be. Also, remember to look for the positive in each and every person you meet. ♥ Kristen